I approach each painting as a new beginning. Though my process is very similar for each painting, I always feel I am starting over again as I begin to form a new visual expression. One way I jump-start my process is to work on paper that has marks or color on it.  This gives me freedom to respond.

Most of my work is figurative, but occasionally I paint other subject matter. I have always been an observer of body language; I get very excited by a simple gesture and what it communicates. What I like to do in a painting is to create mood by simplifying the arrangement and by exaggerating color and shape.

I do not have a clear picture of the completed painting in mind when I start; rather I respond to the work as it progresses. I do bear in mind the feeling or emotion that I want to express.

When I am satisfied that I have said what I want to say, I sign it and begin the process anew.



..."If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint."  Edward Hopper